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Download Audio for Quran Pen

Manually Installing Audio Files to the Quran Pen

On this page you can download sound files (tilawa, explanations, translations, the science of the Holy Koran, the rules of reciting (tajweed), and other hadith and athkar books) from the internet directly to your personal computer, and then copy these files to your pen.


  1. There are regular and high quality file for each audio. Click on the size link in the table below to download the desired file.
  2. Please wait until the file is completely downloaded to your computer.
  3. After the file has been downloaded plug the pen to your computer via the USB port.
  4. The pen folder should be open (if it is not open it from the “Computer Icon”).
  5. There is a Folder called “BOOK” open it. You should copy the downloaded file to this folder.

Note: you can delete files from the pen to clear additional space. But it is recomended that you make copy of the files to your computer so you don’t have to download this file again should you want to use it again.

Recitors Regular
(sizes in mb)
High Quality
(sizes in mb)
Mecca 158 602
Medina 163 625
Maher Al-Meaqli 165 636
Abed Al-Basit Abdul Samad 397 1,618
Mohammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi 203 768
Abu Bakir Al-Shatiry 187 722
Ahmad Al-Ajmy 203 771
Fares Abaad 172 665
Tawfeeq As-Sayegh 196 758
Emad Hafez 207 769
Al-Husayni Al-Azazy – Teaching for kids 382 1,414
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Housary – Waresh 279 1,045
Al-Qaria Yassen – Warsh 203 765
Ali Abul Rahman Al-Houzaify – Qualoon 170 618
Abdul Rashid Al-Sufi – Soosi An Abi Amr 168 634
Abdul Rashid Al-Sufi – Khalaf An Hamzah 195 726
Mahmoud Alsheimy – Doori An Al-Kisaai 217 846
Mohammad Al-Abdullah – Doori An Al-Kisaai 211 770
Mohammad Al-Abdullah – Al-bizi and Qunbol An Ibn Katheer 220 800
Mohammad Tablawi 207 782
Mohammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi – Teaching for kids 331 1,229
Mohammad Ayyub 231 882
Ibrahim Al-Akhdar 241 906
Mahmood Ali Al-Banna – Mujawwad 409 1,536
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Housary 279 1,076
Translations Regular
(sizes in mb)
High Quality
(sizes in mb)
English 135 497
French 107 407
Spanish 134 486
German 130 507
Russian 142 515
Bosnian 154 569
Turkish 159 595
Kurdish 150 565
Persian 151 529
Urdu 133 475
Malayalam 158 608
Malay 203 752
Chinese 182 672
Explanations Regular
(sizes in mb)
High Quality
(sizes in mb)
Tafseer Al-Saady 527 2,069
Tafseer Al-Jalayalyn 191 724
Quran Sciences Regular
(sizes in mb)
High Quality
(sizes in mb)
Cause of Revelation 35.5 138
Others Regular
(sizes in mb)
High Quality
(sizes in mb)
Tajweed 3.1 10.2
Prayers and Supplications 105
Al-Noor 11.2 41.5
Al-Azkar Al-Nawawy 70.7 268
Abridged Riyadh Al-Saleheen 52.7 200
Abridged Sahih Muslim 275 775
Abridged Sahih Al-Bukhary 229 867

Quran Pen Manager

This program is designed to download sound files (tilawa, explanations, translations, the science of the Holy Quran, the rules of reciting (tajweed), and other hadith and athkar books) from the internet directly to your smart pen through your personal computer.

Important note: This program only works for the 2nd print of the Holy Quran and above. Unfortunately it does not work on the 1st print. To Check if you have the first print. Please see the Fatiha page it should look like this.
Click on the Image to enlarge.

Download the Program

To download the program click on the following link: Quran Pen Manager.

Afterwards you can run the program directly.

Note: You can also download the files manually using this page: Click here to download the files manually.

How to Use the Program

Using this program is so simple. The user can only specify the files needed to be downloaded then click on the download button or copy button, and so for deleting by clicking on the delete button.

You can choose the language of the program by clicking on

1)There, on the right side of the program, appears the sound files available to you on the internet and are divided according to the subjects and their sizes in megabytes. Files differ according to their high quality resolution, where you can choose a regular quality file resolution or a high quality file resolution. for a better sound resolution. Whether a high quality file or a regular quality file, these files are the same except Prayers and Athkar file where it is not found in a high quality resolution.

You can choose to download one file or many files together through activating the square in the tree box, then click .

2)Files appear in the middle column of the program when the download is done. The same strategy is applied on the files while copying to the smart pen. You just specify the files needed to be copied then click . But if you want to delete the files from your device, you just specify the files you’d like to delete and click .

The square at the bottom of the program appears the capacity available and the capacity used on your device as long as to the overall capacity of the downloaded files. This enables you to identify which files you can copy to your device.

3)When copying to the smart pen, the files appear on the left side of the program. In case you lost a file on your device and it still existed on your smart pen, the button enables you to copy reversibly from the smart pen to your smart pen.

The button deletes the files you want to delete them from your smart pen.

N.B. The smart pen has to be plugged into the device before copying the files and so on the reverse copying from the smart pen to the device and even when deleting the files from the pen.

You can unplug the smart pen from the device and run it when you’re done from copying the files to the pen and use it to run the holy Quran.