Digital Future LTD. Is a leading company in Publishing for Arabic Countries, specialist in Educational books, programing, educational tools, Apps.
Established in Beirut – Lebanon in 1986.
In 1998 decided to open offices for sales and distribution in all Arabian Gulf areas.
Then we started publishing Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Heritage Arabic Books in a digital form that works on CD-ROMs.
In 2000 opened a CD and DVD factory in Saudi Arabia.
In 2001 opened a branch in Egypt.
In 2004 opened a branch in Tunisia and start for North Africa.
In 2008 opened the biggest dubbing studio and translation office in the region. Its focus on dubbing and subtitles movies and books for broadcasting and translating from over 50 Languages worldwide.
In 2010 started publishing kids’ books as a paper and digital at same time to be the first in region have this kind of books.
In 2010 start Audio books and make a project Read and Listen, which was very widely spread and loved.
In 2013 opened a branch in Belgium to cover Europe region.
In 2015 started a branch in Malaysia. Started a joint venture with Anhui publishing. Start translation of Chinese books to Arabic.
In 2016 started licensing from many Chinese publisher and digital books. Also started a new line of products which consists of Chinese novels.
Now we have more than 16 Branches for the company and we cover most of the countries as distribution.
Digital Future is a leading company in the field of publishing – Educational products – Encyclopedias – Digital books – Software – Electronic products.

The company is currently focusing within six major fields:

1- Publishing

Traditional educational books and products produced in a uniquely modern look.

2- Encyclopedias

Translation and production for the most famous and professional encyclopedias for schools and general knowledge.

3- Translation

Production of books translated from other languages to Arabic, some includes videos and audio. Licensed from foreign publishers.

4- Digital Learning

Production programs and e-learning applications for many of the computers and tablet devices and mobile devices.

5- Educational tools

Production of educational tools and laboratories to be the nucleus of a living test for students and scholars.

6- Novels

Consists of famous Chinese novels translated to Arabic.
With secondary categories such as:
Materials for children – Materials for adolescents – Encyclopedias scientific materials – Languages and Dictionaries


Our distribution channel grew bigger and bigger each year. We are covering the whole Arab world with major offices in each country. We have even opened distribution offices in non-Arabic countries to cover the Arab population spread around the world like Belgium to cover Europe and Malaysia to cover south East Asia.

Company Vision

Leadership and excellence in the field of Publishing and Education. To produce products which contribute and service our society and for the progress of civilization.


The production of many of the digital style modern technological products. Production of traditional style products that are indispensable to relate directly to the existence of the human, but in unique ways and innovative and more effective.

Our Mission

We always strive to produce modern educational products live up to the high level and be of great importance and that keep pace with the constant evolution in this world for the development and enhancement of cognitive progress.

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