3D Educational Stories from the World: The Emperor’s Gown


7 diverse stories:

  • Pinocchio “Be honest and avoid lying”
  • The Rabbit and the Turtle “perseverance is the key to success”
  • The Ugly Duckling “Always be confident”
  • The Emperor’s Gown “Be smart and don’t believe all what’s said”
  • Little Riding Hood “Don’t talk to strangers”
  • The Snowman “Sacrifice is the pillar of friendship”
  • Where’s our mother “Ask to learn and know”
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Attracts young readers to reading, enhances their linguistic wealth, and motivates character growth.

The series aims to deeply root the most important principles and values needed by young readers in their daily lives, such as honesty, audacity, patience, and self-confidence. It helps them figure out how to make better choices in addition to developing their reading skills.

How so? Through a 3D scene where the characters in the story emerge in an entertaining way that attracts them and bestows a lively touch on the events of the story.

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