Al-Marja’a Alakbar In The Islamic Heritage – Version 4.0


• A complete library of the Islamic sciences with […]

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• A complete library of the Islamic sciences with more than 13000 bookbinders and books.
• It includes: Interpretations of the Holy Qur’an, Al-Qur’an Sciences, Matn Al-Hadith,Shrouh Al-Hadith, Al-Hadith Sciences, Al Fiqh, the prophet’s biography, and others.
• New techniques: more speed, high accuracy, free search and the ability of copying and printing.
• The ability of searching through the number of the part or the page.


– The ability of viewing by the number of the part or the page.
– An automatic link to the Hadith and its explanation
– Linking the Rijal Al-Sanad to the books of Taragem Al-Rijal
– The ability of controlling the search results.
– Adding special assignments by user.
– Ability to copy the table of the results or any text to Microsoft Word program.
– Ability to add written or voice notes
– Ability of using any dictionary that enables you to search quickly for any word.


– Tafaseer Al-Qur’an
– Oloum Al-Qur’an.
– Kotob Al-Akida.
– Mutoun Al-Hadeeth
– Shurouh Al-Hadeeth.
– Olum Al-Hadeeth
– Taragem Al-Rigal.
– Al Fiqh Al-Hanafi
– Al Fiqh Al-Maleki.
– Al Fiqh Al-Shafiee
– Al Fiqh Al-Hanbali.
– Al Fiqh Al-Thahery
– The Basics of Fiqh.
– Fiqh Al-Mukaren
– Fiqh Al-Kada’a.
– History
– The Way of Prophet Muhammad.
– The Arabic language
– The Arabic literature.
– The Arabic dictionaries.
– The Arabic poetry.

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