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  • Excellent stories that are both entertaining and useful.
  • Great cartoons that help the child both watch the events and listen to them.
  • Simple, easy and linguistically well-structured texts.
  • Attractive paintings and expressive drawings that enhance the child’s understanding of the story.
  • Wisdom and lessons from each story that can be utilized in daily life.

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A book supported with an application which includes cartoons. This is a collection of the most significant stories about animals that had a role in aiding Allah’s Prophets (Peace upon them), or that went through exciting experiences cited by the Holy Quran. The stories are written in an exciting way that educates our kids and aids them in finding the wisdom behind each story:

  • The raven of Adam’s sons
  • Salih’s she-camel
  • Ibrahim’s birds.
  • The dog of the people of the cave.
  • Yussuf’s Dog
  • The whale of Yunus
  • The cow of the children of Israel
  • Moses’ staff
  • Issa’s clay
  • The spider on the cavern
  • The people of Saturday
  • The beast of the earth
  • Solomon’s hoopoe
  • Ezra’s donkey
  • The elephant of Abreha and the birds
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Arabic, English, French

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