The series includes ten parts:

  • Al-Khawarzimi – father of computers
  • Al-Juzri – the mechanical engineer.
  • Al-Buttani – the astronomer
  • Ibn Sina – Prince of doctors
  • Ibn Al-Haitham – father of optics
  • Nasuh Matraqji – genius of a century
  • Hazarfin – Aerodynamics specialist
  • Ali Al-Qushaji – astronomer and mathematician
  • Mimar Sinan – genius of architecture
  • Al-Farabi – Philosopher
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This series presents biographies of ten Muslim scientists who have enriched our worlds with useful discoveries and inventions, narrated by Granpa Yussuf, the main character in the series.

Events take place in an atmosphere of fantasy, innovated to present a beautiful picture about our scientists that highlights their achievements in a smooth style and simple language…

Knowledge is an amazing thing!