I learn from the Verses of Allah’s Book


  • Short and simple educational stories derived from the teachings of Allah’s Holy Book.
  • Short, simple and linguistically well-structured texts prepared for children.
  • Amazing pictures that add to the child’s aesthetic sense and help them understand the story.
  • Versatile questions that help the child evaluate their understanding of the story.
  • The titles of this series: 
  • Allah loves the beneficent
  • Gratitude for graces
  •  Call to me and I shall answer you
  •  Reward for charity
  •  Allah is the Creator of all things
  •  Allah loves the patient ones
  •  Manners of visiting
  •  Fairness and charity
  •  Bidding peace
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Illustrated book series that aims to teach the most important lessons mentioned in the Verses of the Holy Quran. Those include charity, benevolence, patience, gratitude for graces, spreading peace among others. They also aim at the development of their religious character so that they can read them at the early stages of their learning, and increase the educational skills of parents and teachers.