Picture Pedia

  • A unique compendium of knowledge and a visual guide to our world, where there are no limits to knowledge.
  • Accurate figures and statistics that support scientific facts.
  • Hundreds of drawings, illustrations and comprehensive maps that take the reader on an incredible journey to space, and all the branches of science and knowledge.
  • Short biographies of the most influential of scientists and researchers.
  • The dates and timelines of all scientific discoveries.
  • A presentation to all of the world’s countries and cultures of people, their foods and festivals. In addition to the world’s religions and its diverse languages.
  • A significant cultural profile of the most important of arts, such as music and painting; the most important and modern transport systems, in addition to the most important events and characters that changed the face of the earth.
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A comprehensive scientific encyclopedia, comprising of more than 300 pages, and covering many scientific aspects, such as physics, chemistry, biology, history and geography. It aims at opening up a world of amazing facts uncovered by science and revealing many mysteries of our world, and indeed our universe. The encyclopedia is rich with diverse pictures that enrich it, making it an indispensible asset.