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• It was specially prepared for the Arab speakers.
• Special learning levels for French language.
• A special section for grammar with Arabic explanations.


Learn the basics of French language such as the alphabets, correct pronunciation and much more.


An interactive conversation in French accent that combines the sound with the picture. Its aim is to establish the words unconsciously.


Explaining the used words in the lessons through audio and video and providing their synonyms. The vocabulary is used in both Arabic and French languages.

The texts and subjects were derived from the daily life. You may record your readings and listen to them to know the level of your accent and pronunciation. Grammaire Various French grammar lessons in addition to examples, exercises and explanation of rules in Arabic language.


Various and complete exercises to all the parts of the program that makes you familiar with what you’ve studied. It also helps you to establish the ideas and information.

A very advanced level that allows you to make use of the language and test all what you’ve learned in previous levels.


Each level has only one test for previous lessons including grammar, conversation, reading and vocabulary.


A bilingual articulated dictionary (French/Arabic – Arabic/French) that helps you find words meanings in both languages, Arabic and French.


A group of internet websites that help you widen your horizon of French language, its grammar and its basics.

Weight 0.95 kg
Dimensions 27 × 33 × 10 cm
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