Future Box for Learning Arabic Language
THE RABBIT WRITER SERIES-the sheep doctor $5.00

5 parts:

  • School and taking care of one’s teeth
  • Cleanliness and reciting the Quran
  • Neatness and the cleanliness of clothes
  • Manners of food and sleep
  • Diligence and sharing with others

The stories are written in a smooth, entertaining style using a simple language, and easy sentences to enhance our youngsters’ reading skills.


This series of series was prepared for young readers, it helps parents to guide and direct their kids through narratives that are easily understood and comprehended.

A language of love and intimacy was used, manifest of a mother’s interactions with her kids Ahmad and Sarah, introducing them to the key Islamic values, such as diligence, cleanliness, neatness and sharing among others. They set an example in couching and guiding children.

Furthermore, the series includes a number of daily supplications and valuable information that enable kids to remember what they learned. There is a mini-dictionary with some vocabulary, in three languages, at the end of each story.



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