Father and Son
Teach your self- arabic
  • Features
    • Simple and entertaining stories for our youngsters, inspired by the heritage of the world.
    • Beautiful colorful pictures that aid in developing narrative imagination.
    • Well-structured texts
    • A D-shaped format (hence the name of the series D-Books).
    • Important lessons that help form the child’s character.

Selected international stories, using new presentations and drawings, and intended to attract our youngsters to reading and deeply root values in them, while growing their personalities. They arouse their interest and increase their linguistic abilities, written in a simple way that does not intimidate the child or makes him feel that reading is difficult.

The most important books include:

  • Little Riding Hood
  • Little Lina
  • The rabbit and the turtle
  • The wolf and the seven sheep
  • The big carrot
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


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